Cyril Jeet Launches New YouTube Marketing Tool

( — January 26, 2018) — A new YouTube marketing tool has been launched by Cyril Jeet, called Playtraffic. It helps companies in any niche to harness the power of YouTube playlists to get more leads and increase traffic.

Cyril Jeet has launched a new YouTube marketing tool called Playtraffic, which makes it easier for companies in any niche to get traffic from YouTube. The hugely popular video platform is one of the biggest sites on the web, and represents a large, engaged audience to take advantage of for any business.

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Playtraffic is the world’s first YouTube playlist marketing software that helps any business to get 100% fresh traffic from YouTube. It has been designed from the ground up the make it easier than ever before to get traffic from YouTube.

As the first ever piece of software that does YouTube playlist marketing, Playtraffic gives site owners the chance to harness the power of YouTube for free viral traffic. YouTube playlists are highly beneficial for any form of traffic generation, as they show up in search results too.

Previously, the only form of playlist marketing available to site owners was to do everything manually. That meant a lot of hard work for the site owner, which took away time from them simply running their business.

Playtraffic helps companies in any niche to do powerful playlist marketing on YouTube. It helps them to find the best niche for their area, find topics, create playlists and more.

YouTube playlists are really powerful and the most untapped traffic source on YouTube, which makes Playtraffic a hugely beneficial tool for any business. Because playlists are so resilient when it comes to withstanding Google’s algorithm changes, it means they have remained a powerful way of getting traffic in any niche.

Now, with Playtraffic, site owners can automate the entire YouTube marketing traffic generation process. Users can search and compile targeted videos, create playlists, and publish them to YouTube quickly and easily.

They can also add their own videos to the playlist, to help spread the business message, and advertise products and services with ease. Full details can be found on the URL above, with additional information available at:

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