InMobi’s growth plans: Partnerships, video ads and programmatic advertising

InMobi's growth plans: Partnerships, video ads and programmatic advertisingSingapore headquartered mobile advertising organization InMobi plans to target e-commerce, smartphone makers, and telecom companies with their ad monetization platform and will continue to focus on their video ad platform and programmatic advertising.

InMobi plans to partner with these companies and leverage the data from telecom companies, e-commerce platforms and smartphones vendors to help them set up a small unit for advertising within the organization.

Talking about these partnerships to ET, Naveen Tewari, founder, InMobi, says, “We will help companies monetize on their data and help build an advertising model for them but will charge after the business is set up.”

Tewari adds that in the last couple of years, their focus on videos and programmatic advertising have paid rich dividends and it will solve issues of transparency and provide 90% completion rate. “By next year, programmatic advertising will contribute to two-thirds while video will contribute 30-40% to the business.”

Earlier, Tewari said that they turned operationally profitable in 2016 because of a growth spurt in their Chinese operations as well as the performance of video ad platform. Moreover, they are now focusing on US, China, India, Indonesia and Australia.

“Our video platform is one of the top technological innovations from India. The first time we launched it, it didn’t work but we took a year and built it right. Now our competition is with billion dollar companies and competing with such scales, we can’t be clunky.”

Dismissing IPO plans anytime soon, Tewari says that the digital ad spending will go beyond $335 billion in the next few years and even with competition from Google and Facebook, a large share of the market is yet to be captured. Earlier, they had raised $200 million from SoftBank Group in 2011.

Talking about the challenges that InMobi has faced over the last few years, Tewari reminisces that certain people moved on but key folks stayed behind how helped the company glaze through during the bad days. “We are still a startup yet an enterprise because we have built sustainability financially and culturally which means our decisions is prudent but our approach to innovation hasn’t changed.”

Commenting on how mobile advertising has changed over the years, Tewari says that it has become a global industry moving from banner advertisements, adding, “And now the shift is from video advertising to interactive advertisements. With these changes, the competition today is with top 10 companies including Facebook and Google and not just startups.”

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