Telaria Leads on Supply Transparency Across the Video Advertising Ecosystem

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Telaria Inc., (NYSE: TLRA), a leading video monetization software
company, is advocating for increased transparency across the entire
video advertising ecosystem, and shares progress on the IAB’s ads.txt

Telaria has aggressively embraced ads.txt from both a technical
innovation standpoint and a client-service perspective. Almost
immediately after the initiative was announced, the platform
incorporated a simple, self-service button into the dashboard that
generates automatic code specific to the supply partner’s seat, which
makes it easier for them to update their ads.txt file.

Rama Roberts, VP of Engineering, who was an early contributor to the
industry initiative as part of his role on the Board of Directors at the
IAB TechLab said, “Transparency has always been one of the cornerstones
of our platform. We were happy to collaborate on this effort with the
IAB TechLab, and were one of the first to roll out its support as a
self-service feature to our publishers.”

Regarding publishers, Telaria has taken an active role with all clients
to implement the IAB’s ads.txt initiative. Out of the gate, publishers
on Telaria’s platform have adopted ads.txt at a rate four times the
industry average. At this high level of adoption, 72% of Telaria’s top
500 domains are ads.txt-enabled.

The IAB’s ads.txt initiative is one standardized method for the industry
to provide publishers with a simple way to list which companies are
allowed to sell their inventory. Buyers can find this list through a web
crawler, and easily gain confidence that they are buying impressions
from an approved source. In fact, Telaria released an ads.txt crawler
shortly after the initiative launch, to give buyers the power of
crawling up to 10,000 domains to determine which of them are allowed to
sell Telaria inventory. Third parties can use it to legitimize their
role as authorized resellers in a market that increasingly demands

Beyond simple implementation, additional standardization of the text
files themselves would make the initiative even stronger. Differences in
the way publishers set up their ads.txt files can create some confusion
about who is allowed to sell certain inventory. One way to solve this is
if publishers would list the exchanges that are approved for selling
video vs. selling display. This would quickly clear up any question a
buyer may have if they believe they are buying video but instead of true
video player inventory, they are getting in-banner display video.

Katie Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Telaria, attributes the
rollout’s success to several factors, saying, “Transparency is a core
tenet of Telaria’s business. Ads.txt is another step toward a fully
transparent, well-functioning supply chain. We’ve been aggressively
tracking rollout, and our team is very hands-on with clients to help
them take advantage of this new initiative. It’s encouraging to see
content owners and publishers across the industry implement safeguards
and controls. As the network effect increases, and marketers limit spend
to only verified sellers, Telaria anticipates widespread adoption of the
ads.txt program. It’s another way we are helping clients manage,
not just monetize, all of the value tied into their inventory.”

About Telaria

Telaria (NYSE: TLRA), (formerly Tremor Video), is the leading
independent data-driven software platform built to monetize and manage
premium video inventory with the greatest speed, control, and
transparency, wherever and however audiences are watching.

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