Twitter releases in-stream video ads in Brazil

As video consumption continues to grow across mobile and social platforms, Twitter will enable Brazilian advertisers to associate branded pieces to premium sports, entertainment and news content produced by third-party companies.

Through this tool, brands can run in-stream video ads to align with highlights clips and live streams from Amplify partners, including TV networks, sports leagues, publishing houses and magazines, and professional news outlets.

“Ads will be shown before the videos, and content will be selected according to the target of each advertiser or campaign as well as the potential interest of the audience,” said the company.

Twitter has been gradually releasing the in-stream ad technology around the globe. In Latin America, it has only been launched in Mexico, where it landed in November 2017.

“Our premium content partners in Brazil, as well as for the rest of the world, are selected by our team, guaranteeing advertisers will find a safe environment, a specific target and quality videos,” said the company. “We have already selected a group of Brazilian producers and will continue working to find new partners.”

Brazil was also the first LATAM territory to be selected by Twitter to launch live sports broadcasts in the region.

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