US: IRI And Limbik To Help Brands Create More Effective Video Advertising Content

IRI and Limbik have announced a partnership that aims to support marketers and advertisers with data-driven recommendations to create more effective video advertising content. IRI said the partnership will provide its customers with an expanded and more holistic view of consumer viewing behaviour and preferences.

“To meet growing expectations of savvy consumers, every aspect of marketing must be personalized and targeted,” said Nishat Mehta, president of IRI Media Center of Excellence. “Our new partnership with Limbik will help create the one-to-one video advertising that consumers are craving, so they have the most relevant digital interactive experience possible.”

As part of the IRI-Limbik partnership, the IRI’s ProScores data set will be incorporated into Limbik’s data infrastructure. With viewing behavior and preferences for millions of people, combined with the definitive collection of attribute-level video insights, the addition of the IRI ProScores data set aims to provide Limbik clients with access to content recommendations and analysis based on consumers’ propensity to purchase specific brands, products and/or categories. Limbik clients will also have the ability to use IRI ProScores and Limbik Rating to build custom audiences.

“IRI has an unparalleled history of delivering the highest-quality insights, innovation and technology,” said Zach Schwitzky, CEO and co-founder at Limbik. “This collaboration with IRI marks an industry first offering and we are excited to place our capabilities at the fingertips of the world’s largest marketers to enhance their understanding of video consumption and capitalize on the correlation between attention to video and successful business objectives.”

The two companies added that their integrated capabilities will offer brands the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of video advertising, optimize campaigns, build and validate new audience models, and identify the content-level attributes and characteristics that impact sales performance.

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