Video Marketing and what Style to Use

For years, sketches, illustrations, and drawings were used to sell a pitch. In the age of social media, and very short attention spans, not much has changed and it has become ever more important to effectively attract a prospect’s attention.

Experts agree that visuals are a strong marketing tool. Explainer videos are often the first video content marketing choice for improving exposure and increasing conversions, for a number of reasons.

Viewers get engaged:

A visually appealing animated video provides information effectively as it simulates both visual and auditory senses, having an impregnable effect on the human brain and keeping customers engaged.

Conveys more information in less time:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

How many words is a video worth?

Sharing on social media platforms is easy:

It is no secret that video clips are a big hit on social media platforms. Sharing your product’s explainer video on popular platforms will generate a wider viewership and reach a larger potential customer base.

The concept of explainer videos is simple yet engaging, the aim is to capture a viewer’s attention and convey your message in the most informative and entertaining manner. Therefore it is important to know who your audience is and how to best address them.

When looking for investors or business partners, you will want to stick to a more sober, informative video style, a live video or whiteboard presentation would be a good choice. But if your target audience is youngsters between 11-15, then a 3D animation would be a better choice.

Which style suits your message

To help you address your potential prospects, here is a list of the most common video styles. This should help you choose what direction to take and how to best approach your customers.

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